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Our Path Home is launching a Campaign to End Family Homelessness.

Alongside major projects, such as New Path Community Housing and Valor Pointe, designed to house people experiencing chronic homelessness, the City of Boise has made a $2 million investment to come alongside Ada County’s $500,000 contribution and ensure each child has a safe and stable home to call their own.

How We Can End Family Homelessness

Currently, there are about 200 families with children in Ada County on our community’s waiting list seeking housing. Through intentional partnerships, the Housing First model and support from the City of Boise and Ada County’s philanthropic community, we could be the first community in America to achieve net zero. Net zero means that we prevent homelessness as often as possible and respond quickly in those instances when it does occur.

No family should have to languish in shelter waiting for the intervention we know would end their homelessness: supportive housing. Placing a child into a safe and stable home is the antidote to the trauma caused by homelessness. By housing our community’s children, we give them the best shot to live healthy and productive lives.

Our Path Home plans to expand three proven interventions to help end homelessness for families with children:


Prevention stabilizes families and keeps them housed, thereby ensuring children don’t endure the trauma that comes from living without a home. In turn, we will be better positioned to prioritize assistance for those families that need it most.

Preventing homelessness and keeping one family in their housing costs an average of $1,305 – and oftentimes, far less.

Rapid Resolution Assistance

Quick and short-term assistance for families experiencing brief economic hardships helps provide stability. This type of assistance offers families light support to gain stable housing, curbing the need for more costly interventions.

Providing rapid resolution assistance to one family to regain housing costs an average of $1,720.

Supportive Housing

Supportive housing provides the rental assistance and case management needed to house and stabilize families. Rental assistance helps make housing affordable and individualized support services help keep families in housing long-term.

Providing supportive housing for one family costs an average of $5,973.

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