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The Scope of the Problem in Ada County

About 200 families with children and 400 adult-only households are in the queue at any given time; however, we know that the number of households experiencing homelessness is greater. To best estimate that number, we triangulate three data points:

  • Households Entering the System
    In 2019, 670 households entered the system through Our Path Home CONNECT.
  • People Active in the System
    In 2019, 4,099 people (2,974 households) were active in our Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS).
  • Point-in-Time Count
    Every year, we conduct a one-night count of anyone we can find that is either accessing emergency shelter or spending the night on the street. Since 2009, this number is in the range of 675-875 people, from a low of 694 in 2013, to a high of 872 in 2010. In 2019, we counted 713 people.

Our Path Home Snapshot (2019)

Our Path Home Snapshot (2019) | 1213 Households Served: 445 families, 771 adults only; Housed by Our Path Home partners: 110 families, 60 adults only; Average days from assessment to housed: 226.5 for families, 249.4 for families only; Found their own solution: 45 families, 23 adults only; Still active on the waitlist: 214 families, 458 adults only


This snapshot only includes those that were housed. The numbers in each column do not sum to the total number of individuals served. The waitlist changes daily as situations change, and households exit the waitlist for various reasons.